CORE Toronto


CORE focuses on relationship building, social development, life skills, fostering independence, and maintaining emotional, mental, and physical wellness. We support participants to establish and work towards their own goals and offer individualized activities that are responsive to the goals, interests, needs, and abilities of those attending the program.

Participants determine their own program plan with the support of staff, and participate in various groups, outings, and individualized activities. Participants have opportunities to learn and practice hands-on life skills such as:

A man is painting outdoors and smiling.
  • Social boundaries and relationships
  • Community safety
  • Cooking
  • Money skills
  • Cleaning
  • Physical fitness
  • Recreational and leisure activities

Over 100 adults create a social, warm, and safe community at CORE. Participants thrive and experience success in an environment where they are empowered to make their own choices. Our team of dedicated staff is committed to engaging with and supporting participants to achieve their best, and to creating a safe environment for participants to try new things and build confidence.