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Non-profit fee for service opportunities now available at CORE.  For more information please click here.

CORE provides a unique program for individuals facing emotional and behavioural challenges resulting from developmental and/or mental health barriers.

The Centre-Based Program is designed around the recognition and encouragement of participants' unique abilities and positive qualities. The program engages participants in recreational, social and work activities which are offered as therapeutic tools. Work is a valuable tool used to reach other goals. All participants are encouraged to make their own choices and are empowered to overcome their personal limitations. Even the most seriously challenged individual can experience the satisfaction of maintaining wellness and participating in recreation and work.

Participants receive the cost of public transportation to the program, morning coffee, a nutritious hot lunch, and a daily incentive for attendance. The greater rewards are less tangible but more significant: participation in the CORE Centre-Based Day Program results in greater self-esteem and confidence, an enhanced ability to interact with others on a socially acceptable basis, and improved support from families. Participants learn how to maintain good health and to take control of their behaviours.

Through CORE, participants are accommodated into the larger community. They develop pride in their abilities and become far less likely to require hospitalization or incarceration or to act in ways that endanger themselves or others.
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